MfA dreams

The future is for those who are not afraid to dream. We want our students to embrace their dreams and join hands with us as we do our part in helping the stir closer to them each day. We asked some of our clerical operations students what their dreams were after college, this is what[…]

Staff Spotlight

Mr. Given has been a part of the family from 2018 and officially started working here in 2021. He is a dedicated and hard-working member of our staff team. He enjoys playing football, running and spending time with his family. We value his joy and heart for service, and his love for students. When asked[…]

Student of the month

Its that time of the month, where we celebrate students that have shown great improvements and or growth, being careful to not withhold good where it is due. For the month of May, we celebrate two students, first year students Elina Kabeya and Akim Kalusha. Elina has shown great improvement in her school work putting[…]

Seminar Week: Social Issues

Seminar week continues! Our first-year students have been attending the Social issues and Service learning Seminar. Understanding social issues allows us to make informed decisions based on data, ethical considerations, and sound reasoning.It has been a great experience learning about the different social issues within our communities and finding solutions to them.We will not just[…]

Staff Spotlight

There are many hands, hearts and minds that give themselves in partnership to the vision of MfA. Though not always seen, they work tirelessly to ensure smooth running of the institution. We want to take the time today to put the spotlight on one of the people have been a great blessing and made impact[…]

Word Wednesday

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.John 3:16.We are half way through the week, for anyone that needs a boost, a pat on the back, a point of strengthening, be encouraged by today’s word as it[…]

Student of the Month

Once again it is that time of the month, where we celebrate a student that has shown great improvement and or growth, with a desire to not withhold good where it is due. For the month of April, we celebrate, first year student Charles Mwamba. Charles is a first-year Automotive Engineering student. He has been[…]