We offer a level 3 and level 4 Certificate in Automotive Engineering with TEVETA. Over two years our students study a comprehensive set of modules, which cover all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance.

As well as classroom teaching, our students gain invaluable practical experience working in our teaching lab and eventually, as their experience grows, they will be given time in our professional workshop under the strict supervision of our own full-time mechanics. 

courses, Courses
courses, Courses


The TEVETA Automotive Engineering course is recognised Zambia-wide. Once qualified, many of our students go on to get excellent jobs in workshops and garages around Zambia as retained mechanics. Through the course, students will learn about all aspects of vehicle repair.

The aim of our programme is to teach much more than the theory of vehicle repair: we believe in giving our students general Life Skills, so we teach computing, agriculture, nutrition, health, and many other topics alongside our mechanics lectures. We also teach the value of discipline and hard work across our curriculum.

And this dedication to the whole person shows: when we follow up our students after they are employed, the most common thing we hear is that Mechanics for Africa graduates are different from other mechanics because they are honest, hard-working, and disciplined.  That is why so many employers prefer Mechanics for Africa graduates.

Our teaching programme starts in January, and we start recruiting from July.

Places are limited. All applicants are invited to an assessment day, and will undertake a written test and an interview.

Our entry requirements are a grade 12 certificate with at least a pass in Maths, English and Science at Grade 12. Applicants need to possess a National Registration Card. All classes are taught in English and examinations are in English. Therefore, applicants should be able to speak, read and write well in English. Our applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

What you will learn

Through this comprehensive course we teach the following modules, with both theory and practical lessons:

  • Fundamentals of combustion engines
  • Fuel injection systems and carburetors
  • Transmission systems and clutches
  • Manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Vehicle diagnostics and fault-finding
  • Suspension and steering
  • Vehicle electronics and ignition systems
  • Tuning and performance
  • Chassis and bodywork

Those who pass their TEVETA exams become fully qualified mechanics with official certificates, which are recognised Zambia wide.

In addition to the teaching modules all our students are given an industrial attachment. During this time they join the mechanics in a workshop of one of the major employers in the Copperbelt Province who partner with us. This experience is one of the things that makes Mechanics for Africa students so successful, and those who perform well are given valuable references which help them find work when they graduate.

Our students also study a Life Skills course, which includes computing, agriculture, first aid, sexual and general health, nutrition, health and safety, leadership and communication skills, and interview techniques.


To enrol, you first need to collect an application form from our site, on Monkey Fountain Road in Ndola. 

Application forms are available from July. 

Your application form must be returned to our site by the date set on your application form, and all those who return forms will be invited for an assessment in November.

On the day of the assessment, you must arrive before 8 hours. Those that are late are turned away!

All eligible candidates will thereafter be required to attend a short interview.

Our recruitment process is deliberately created so that we get the most dedicated and conscientious students on the first day of term: we have limited places, so we make sure we give those places to the students who most need them and who are most likely to finish the course.

You can contact us for more information.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions.


    Want to learn a new skill?

    At Mechanics for Africa we want everyone to be able to benefit from good quality training, so we offer additional short courses that anyone can register for.

    Whether it’s to help you top up your skills, learn a new skill, or gain a qualification to help you find employment, we can help.

    courses, Courses

    Basic and Advanced Vehicle Maintenance

    A one or two day course in the techniques you need to service your own vehicle. Do your own maintenance and save money!

    At Mechanics for Africa we are very happy to service your vehicle for you, but if you are keen to learn how to do it yourself we are also happy to teach you. For less than the price of a comprehensive service at our workshop, we can teach you to service your own vehicle, which will give you skills and save you money.

    We offer two courses in vehicle maintenance – Basic and Advanced.

    Contact us for pricing, dates of courses, and to book.

    courses, Courses

    Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Computing

    A series of three 16-hour courses designed to take you from novice through to expert computer user. No previous experience needed! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced computer user, Mechanics for Africa can help you improve your skills.

    We offer three levels of IT training, conducted in our hi-tech computer lab using our experienced and friendly ICT lecturers to guide you as you learn.

    Contact us for pricing and to book.

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