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Driving Theory class Begins

It is promising and exciting start to the term for our second year students as[...]

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!! It’s the start of a new term. Our bags are packed, our hearts[...]

Seminar Week:Financial Literacy

Having a strong foundation of financial literacy can help support different life goals, such as[...]

Seminar Week: Social Issues

Seminar week continues! Our first-year students have been attending the Social issues and Service learning[...]

Staff Spotlight

There are many hands, hearts and minds that give themselves in partnership to the vision[...]

Word Wednesday

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone[...]

Work shop practice

Whether its exam time or class experience, we always have the best time during our[...]

Student of the Month

Once again it is that time of the month, where we celebrate a student that[...]

Happy Labor Day

We believe work is something good, something that is God approved. As we take time[...]

Word Wednesday

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Before long, the[...]

Presentation Week

It is presentation week and we are extremely excited! Our presentation week is a time[...]


On Saturday the 13th of April, 2024, we walked our students down to their final[...]

Graduation Countdown

Its Our graduation week and we are looking back at some of the memorable moments[...]

Graduation Countdown

We begin Our Countdown! Its Our graduation week and we are looking back at some[...]

Student of the Month

Its that time of the month, where we celebrate students that have shown great improvements[...]

Word Wednesday

God is the herdsman who cares for me, his sheep; I will never lack anything[...]

Typing Master Class

Learning is a treasure that can follow its owner everywhere. This is why we jump[...]

Student of the month

Do not withhold good from whom it is due “Proverbs 3:27”. We translate this scripture[...]

Workshop practice (second year students)

It is our goal to prepare our students for the work world. This is why[...]

Learning something new

It so great to learn about something new! It was great to step out during[...]