, Student of the Month: Emmanuel Chanda

Student of the Month: Emmanuel Chanda

Hard work, Excellence and Integrity are some of the core values upheld here at mechanics for Africa. Our team strives to create an environment where our values are instilled in the hearts of our students. For this reason, we take time in every month to acknowledge a student that has put these values to practice which is evident through academic improvement and or active personal development and growth. To start off our 2023, our student of the month, for the month of January is Emmanuel Chanda.

Staff members and lecturers testify over Emmanuel’s quick and easy step up to leadership seeing him assume class responsibilities. He has shown an eagerness to learn and while only been here a few weeks has displayed great discipline and focus towards achieving great results academically and in character. He has shown exceptional interest in learning and takes initiative when it comes to class time, “He also participates considerably well in every class that I take him in, he is always trying to perform acts of service on behalf of his classmates” one of his teachers attests. We say a big congratulations to Emmanuel and encourage him to keep up his hard work.