, Student Spotlight: Deborah Mwewa

Student Spotlight: Deborah Mwewa

Our student Spotlight is the time in which we focus on a specific student to hear their heart and find out how their journey has and is going and get insight on their school experience. This Weeks Student Spotlight is on Deborah Mwewa.

My name is Deborah Mwewa, I am 20 years old. I enjoy watching movies, eating, and listening to music. So far, college has been a fantastic experience for me. I have loved meeting new people, and I have already learned so much. I really enjoy spending time in the computer lab since it allows me to learn more about computers. Chapel and Spiritual Guidance class are two things that have really stuck out to me since they have been crucial in my growth and ability to stay on the right road.

I really appreciate the workshop because it helps me to apply what we learn in theory in our classes. By letting me see and engage with the car, it helps me comprehend concepts that I didn’t fully grasp in class. My favorite class so far has been Mr. Mbewe’s Auto Electricity. This is because I liked Physics in high school and Auto Electricity makes me feel the same way.

My experience here has also taught me the value of hard work as well as respect for my peers and lecturers. I look forward to my journey here and hope to give my very best.

, Student Spotlight: Deborah Mwewa