, Sharpening the Axe

Sharpening the Axe

As any good lumberjack knows, the success in cutting down a tree is not on how much time you spend cutting down the tree but in sharping your axe. Our second-year students are drawing closer to the day of their exams, and preparations are already on the way. Kelvin, Abraham, and John are some students who shared how the thought of their exams proximity has made them feel.

Kelvin Mutambo feels happy, he shares that it’s been quite the journey for him, and he is glad to have made it this far. He says “I am glad I started this race, and I am about to finish the race and see what the world has for me”. Abraham Tembo feels calm and ready for his exams saying, “I am not nervous I am just looking forward to having a bright future.” John Mwanza on the other hand feels nervous but is grateful to be coming to an end of this great journey. He cannot wait to start working and put what he has learnt here into practice.

We have great expectations for our students and wish them nothing but the best as they Sharpen their Axe.