, Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Hard work, Excellence and Integrity are some of the core values upheld here at mechanics for Africa. Our team strives to create an environment where our values are instilled in the hearts of our students. For this reason, we take time in every month to acknowledge a student that has put these values to practice, evident through academic improvement and or active personal development and growth. Our student of the month is Kelvin Mutambo.

Kelvin Mutombo’s outstanding attitude and teachable spirit has caught the attention of our lecturers and staff members who speak highly of him and his character. Outside of his classes, Kelvin Mutambo volunteers in the garage learning and improving on the skills and lessons he learns. He has also been commended for his evident desire to grow in God.

Kelvin expresses his kindness and gratitude saying, “this acknowledgment has made me feel like the work and effort I put in is seen and has encouraged me to keep working hard.”