, Student Presentations

Student Presentations

Having learnt about the principles of PowerPoint in their ICT class, our students had the opportunity to put what they had learnt into practice. They took a topic of choice and created a group presentation which they shared during their ICT class.

Beyond our staff teams desire to see our students learn these basic computer skills we encourage opportunities to be able to speak publicly, thereby improving their English skills as well as boosting their confidence.

We asked students Falecy Chilambe and Bakali Gondwe their experience. Falecy appreciated using Power Point, particularly the transitions that she and her team used to make slides. Falecy Chilambe said, “I will be able to use it when instructing people at my workshop and teach people at my church as well. Bakali Gondwe explains that getting acquainted with power point and knowing how to use it was helpful for him.

We look forward to seeing our students grow in the knowledge that they have received, and applying this skill in their life.