, Life After College: Mock Job Interview

Life After College: Mock Job Interview

Life after college is often a thought that plagues the minds of many students. Juggling thoughts and questions such as will I find work? How do I conduct myself in the work world? And many more. We understand this can weigh heavy on students’ minds; this was the core reason behind our mentorship meetings with our second-year students. A Wednesday afternoon with games and snacks where we can also sit down and attempt to answer some of these questions.

Last week we had our mock interviews set up to help our students prepare for their potential interviews. We had a group of staff members pose as an interview panel and interview two students.

One of the students that participated in this activity, Lydia Sapatu, shared her experience sharing that she enjoyed the session seeing as it was my first-time attending interviews other than when she had first come to Mechanics for Africa. “It gave me a good feel of how an interview can be conducted. I now have a good foundation.”

Misheck Katuta who was in attendance, also shares how the mock interviews were good preparation for him saying, I can compare Wednesday’s activity to football, we have to train before we play the game”.

It was a great experience, and we continue to pray that our students will be more and more equipped and prepared to do life after college.

, Life After College: Mock Job Interview