, Alumni visit: A legacy of Integrity and discipline

Alumni visit: A legacy of Integrity and discipline

It always brings us tremendous joy when we receive unexpected visits from MfA graduates going back to 2016. We’ve had a surprising number of visits from former MfA alumni in recent weeks. Testimonies of how principles like hard work and integrity have stood the test of time and served as a solid foundation for where they are.

It just warms our hearts to hear the impact our college has made. 2016 Alumni Emmanuel Shile, spoke about his time here and how it made an impact on him. He shares how the principle hard work that was passed on to him by staff while he was here, has made such an impact that he was recognised as one of the most hard-working employees. Emmanuel shares that he has seen how many of the disciplines he acquired at MfA have been of great impact to him and when we asked if he had another choice to walk the MfA journey with us he said yes. “My workplace is filled with people from even bigger institutions but with the knowledge I have received from here helps me stand and even be able to teach. The nature of our career often leaves room for us to stretch the truth for our benefit, but we were taught how to have integrity and we apply that here in our work.”

It fuels us to keep investing in the lives of our students. Thank you to all the former students that stopped by and gave us such great encouragement.