, Student Spotlight: Ronald Pensulu

Student Spotlight: Ronald Pensulu

Our student Spotlight is the time in which we focus on a specific student to hear their heart and find out how their journey has and is going and get insight on their school experience. This Weeks Student Spotlight is on Ronald Pensulo.

“My name is Ronald Pensulo, Aged 19. I was born in a big family, a family of eight, that’s four boys, four girls. I am the 4th born. I grew up in a city called Luanshya. It was there that I first heard about Mechanics for Africa, in 2022. I joined MfA this year where I am studying to grow my passion for vehicles.

My experience at MfA so far is going well. The first and second term took time for me to adjust to the environment now I am in my third term and I am enjoying it very much, especially workshop practice. My favourite courses are engine system and English skills. I love these courses because they help me work on my passions which are mechanics and English helps me to improve my grammar and communication skills.

During my time at MfA, I have learnt that nothing is impossible if I trust in God at all times standing on Psalms 62:8. I have also learnt how to be a good steward of the opportunity to be at MfA and I hope and pray I can put this into practice.”