, Learning With Daisy

Learning With Daisy

In order to provide our students with a brief history of cars and to expose them to a foundation in automotive engineering, students looked at the 2CV AZ 1954 vehicle, one of the first vehicles in automobile history. It was timely for us to receive a letter from Car enthusiast Toni Verhell,who From his personal experience, shares his thoughts on his 2CV car called Daisy. It gets its name from the 2CV’s nickname the ‘duck’, seeing as the 2CV has often been referred to as a female, Toni names this car after the famous cartoon Daisy duck, the wife of Donald Duck.

The class discussion and the letter read to the students gave them an insight of where the automotive industry is coming from as well as laid down expectations for them as they continue this journey. It was amazing to see students not only learn about this car but also relate and understand much of what was shared in this letter.

First year student Shadrick Simbeye shared how the lesson was for him saying, “the story was inspiring and made me want to think outside the box when it comes to working with vehicles. The car was very unique.” He also shared how he enjoyed watching the evolution of vehicles and seeing how they continue improving.

There are many more great an insightful pieces written by Toni that can be found on his website https://newmobility.news/author/toverbel/.
It was a great lesson, and we grateful to Toni for sharing Daisy with us.

, Learning With Daisy