A New Start, A New Start

A New Start

 A new start can bring an array of feelings, from fear, excitement, even relief. We started a new term here at MFA and asked a few students what the new term brought and meant to them.

For Abraham Kasepa and his friends, the beginning of the term is a reminder of the end of a great journey. It brings with it excitement for in depth learning and practicality, promise to put in great effort and hope to finish their journey strong.

Others, see the term as a challenge, a major call to grow and develop tenacity to achieve their desired result. With unwavering determination nonetheless, they see this term as a great opportunity to grow and learn. As first-year student, Royce Mpumba put it, ‘be open to learn new things because you have to go through somethings to get something’.

There are many expectations, emotions and approaches towards the new start, some of excitement and hope and others a call to growth, but no matter the approach all are ready and willing to begin, we say to each one, get ready, get set and have a fruitful term.