, Virtual Learning experience

Virtual Learning experience

For our institution, the introduction of virtual learning has considerable promise. Our goal is to help students become acquainted with the world of computers in order to improve their learning process and prepare them to work with numerous machines they will face as the mechanic world evolves. Via a fun chapel quiz, students got the chance to engage with virtual learning, and they indicated how excited they were to learn about and use this new method of assessment. First year student Isaiah Mofu shared his experience.

“It was a wonderful experience taking our chapel test. We used a laptop to respond to the questions. This inspired me and increased my desire to study how computers operate. The technique is, in my opinion, highly beneficial for the instructors since it will free up their time by removing the requirement for them to gather papers and mark exams because they can do so online. I also liked that I could respond to the questions online and receive my answers right away. That demonstrates a greater progress in our school where pupils are taught how to use a computer to answer questions online. I look forward to learning more and more through virtual learning in future.” (Isaiah Mofu).