, Student Report

Student Report

We are aware that success requires a strong work ethic and a positive outlook. We have included hard work as one of our fundamental principles because of this. Hence, it makes us very happy to hear about how well our students are doing in their jobs—whether they are working full-time or doing internships. This is why hearing the excellent report on Derrick Simbeye, a student of ours in his second year, from the CN Automotives supervisor made us very delighted.

“Derrick did attachments at my workshop from 5th of December to January 5th under supervision and during that period he showed that he is a team player and would always follow instructions and take initiative as appropriate. His time management was good which helped in having the tasks to be completed on time. He was always cooperative, and he demonstrated cleanliness and care for the tools and equipment’s in the workshop, always made sure that the working benches were clean and safe to work on before working on them. It was a pleasure to have him around and I am looking forward to having him again on his next internship program.”

We pray that He will have to put in more effort when he completes his final lap and brings the school’s name with him to ever-higher altitudes. Good work, Derrick.