, Home Visits

Home Visits

The welfare of our students is at the core of our hearts. Not only their presence at the institution but the place from which they are coming, their homes. We took the opportunity to visit a few houses, learn about the backgrounds of our pupils, and speak with their families.

We went to four residences. In close proximity to the institution are two family residences and two pairs of roommates. First, we went to see Isaiah Mofu and his sister, as well as Solomon Bulaya and his parents, brothers, and parents.

Our students who reside in nearby boarding houses are divided into two categories. They pull their resources together to pay their rent and buy food with the small sum of money they receive. They expressed appreciation for being able to eat at lunch at MfA since it relieves them of having to think about getting extra food for their lunch as they usually only think about dinner and eating on the weekends.

We are glad to get to know our students and share in many different parts of their lives.