, A Walk to Change

A Walk to Change

The journey to a better life begins with one step. The same can be said when one hears the touching story of Isaiah Mofu a first-year student here at Mechanics for Africa, who walks a distance that accumulates to two hours, just to get to school. An MfA team with our visiting Board Member, Susie Mooney, visited Isaiah to hear his story.

Isaiah Mofu is a first-year student who lives with his sister as his parents are divorced. Together they live in a house that belonged to his mother. A house without power and a decent supply of water.

Isaiah did extremely well in his secondary school but worried whether he would manage to advance his education as a result of his parent’s financial state as they are currently unemployed. Isaiah soon learnt about MfA through a pastor from a church which was one of the stops of MfA’s recruitment team. He got a form and was able to apply. Once he was accepted, Isaiah took on work in order to raise the fees he needed and worked off the rest of his fees by doing peace work with MfA.

Isaiah’s sister spoke highly of her brother, saying, he is very hard working and gives a helping hand at home even with his school. With the pressure that comes with being the eldest male child in his family, Isaiah bares the weight of becoming a source of support to his siblings. Nevertheless, Isaiah is adamant about working hard and starting to help out his family. We are glad to be walking with him on this journey and wish him all the best.