, Graduation


The graduation took place on the 1st of April. It was a day of great joy and excitement as family and friends joined together to celebrate the graduation of our former students and escort them to a new phase of their lives, an opportunity to harvest what was planted through their time at MfA.

Several encouraging remarks were spoken by both staff and students. We were delighted to have MfA trustee Suzie Munie speak to the students, urging them to be like Joshua, fearless and unafraid, knowing that God will be with them on their new adventure. Students were also recognized for great performance in their examinations. They were Kennedy Chibiliti, Lyonga Mondoka, and Blessing Samahongo.

Among those graduating this year was Beatrice Thole, who was raised by a single mother after being separated from her father. She was very happy that despite her financial difficulties, she had been able to complete her education.

We are so happy to see how far our students have come and our prayer is that wherever they go they will carry their candles and light up their world.

, Graduation