, Bicycle Donations

Bicycle Donations

It is our goal at mechanics for Africa to make our students’ journeys easier. For us, this involves their physical travel to school. Many of our students must travel for hours to get to school, with many needing to get up at very early hours to get on time. As a result, many of them are exhausted and unable to concentrate in class. As a result, we were overjoyed to receive assistance from a donor who wished to provide the school with bicycles to help with the transportation struggles of many of our students who live far away.

First year student Wisdom Ngoma, a student that was gifted with one of the bikes shared his need and gratitude for the donor’s great help. “I live in Twapia which is about an hour and 40mins walk to school, I cannot get on a bus because it is costly for me. This often leaves me very tired, and I struggle to pay attention in morning classes. Offering me this bicycle has given me relief on my journey to school. “

We are so grateful for the initiative and support of our donors in helping our students journey just a little smoother.