Statistics indicate that adolescents and young people account for 50% of the recorded new annual infections, this means approximately 90,000 of those aged between 10 and 19 are living with the virus, with only half of them are on antiretroviral therapy (ART). With these alarming rates and following Teveta guidelines, our students attended our HIV/AIDS Seminar.

We had a week in which students were taught the various aspects of HIV/AIDS such as transmission, prevention, and treatment.

Emmanuel Chanda, a first-year student, gave his thoughts on the seminar, calling it “extremely educational.” “I was one that had the wrong understanding of how HIV was transmitted and often feared being around people that had it, this seminar showed me where I was wrong, and it gave me the right information to protect myself.” It helped me understand that the people that have HIV can live a full and healthy life.” “I look forward to sharing this information I have gained with my friends and family.”

It was a fantastic experience sensitizing and educating our pupils about HIV/AIDS, we look forward to many more years of sharing and empowering our students.