, Workshop Volunteer Piecework

Workshop Volunteer Piecework

During the lockdown, it has been challenging for students to stay active as mechanics. Staying at home and doing everything from there had a somewhat negative effect on most students. Staying away from school due to the pandemic did not help them progress and grow academically and even spiritually. The good news however, is that some students worked in the workshop as volunteer peace workers in order to stay active and gain experience as they were available in the workshop. It has been great to get positive feedback from the volunteers in the workshop. They all have had to give reports on how their time in the workshop has helped them, as well as what they have learnt.

Mechanics for Africa is grateful to have the opportunity to be part of Gods plan to restore broken communities through our wonderful students. The lockdown has been a reminder for our students of where they are coming from, as well as how hard they have to work to better their lives.