Women Mechanics

, Women Mechanics

This is Jane Chinyama. She is currently undertaking an internship in our commercial workshop. What does this young woman have in common with the Queen of England? They are both mechanics!

, Women Mechanics

Queen Elizabeth II trained as a truck driver and auto mechanic when she was 18 years old. She used her skills to serve her country during World War II.

Jane trained as a mechanic at Mechanics for Africa. She is one of the few women mechanics in Ndola. In fact she was one of 5 young women on her Auto Mechanics course.  We admit that auto mechanics is a male dominated industry. However, just because it is so does not mean women can’t do it! Here at Mechanics for Africa, we break the stereotype and encourage our female students to study and thrive in a predominantly male industry. We support them to do so by creating an enabling learning environment. Women like Jane and Queen Elizabeth II are an inspiration to others.

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