Reducing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity among college students is fairly common in many parts of the world. In the face of COVID and its economic effects, no doubt, a lot of families are struggling to feed themselves.

The food insecurity analysis in Zambia is such that there is an estimated 1.42 million people lack access to adequate food because of money or resources. Mechanics for Africa serves some of the most vulnerable young people in Zambia. Therefore, it is our reality that some of our students may not have enough to eat. Generally, students who experience hunger are less likely to attend and perform well in class and have increased chances of dropping out of college.

, Reducing Food Insecurity

In response, Mechanics for Africa provides a healthy meal to our students each day. Consequently, their food insecurity is reduced significantly. This would not be possible without the commitment of our supporters who believe that young Zambians are worth investing in!