, Life After MfA: Tiusha Franell Nyirenda

Life After MfA: Tiusha Franell Nyirenda

We are glad to receive great reports on the welfare of our students for they are family and always will be. This week we sat down with a recent graduate Tiusha Franell Nyirenda and he shared with us his experience giving us insight to life after MfA.

Tiusha Farnell is a 2022 graduate has been working in Golden Lay’s workshop as an intern for seven months. Tiusha enjoys his job and says that getting exposure in his area of study has been a wonderful experience. “I enjoy my job because it allows me to apply my intuition and quick thinking,” he claims. He talked about the workshop and how having access to it, a location to put what he had learned into practice, had given him a significant edge, which he can attest to through his job. Tiusha recently received an award for being the most disciplined employee at his workplace as an intern. A very encouraging achievement.

Tiusha discussed MfA’s influence on him and his career, noting that it has helped him stand out because it is a Christian organization. Attending classes like spiritual guidance will help you stay disciplined and continue the road that God has chosen for you. The knowledge that God is his father was one of the lessons he remembered from this class. This gave him hope because he had a rocky connection with his father. Spiritual guidance, he claims, “equipped us for a hard world.”

His family is filled with Joy at seeing him graduate. This has encouraged his siblings to keep pushing to finish their education. Tiusha looks forward to helping his sisters complete their education as well, being a financial and emotion support and pillar as well.  

Put God first in whatever you do, was his advice to the students. “The step you are taking at this institution is the right move, therefore don’t give up.” Learn to put what you are learning into practice. He closes by encouraging his MfA sisters and stating that the mechanical field is a terrific place for women.