Giving skills for life

Thank you so much for supporting Mechanics for Africa.  We are only able to do what we do because of people like you.

Our story

You’re helping us make a positive change

Whether it’s sponsoring students, helping us purchase equipment, buy bricks, or helping fund a lecturer, your investment in us is an investment in the young people of Zambia. Thank you for helping us continue to make positive change in Zambia by partnering with us.

Your support is vital

It costs a lot of money to run Mechanics for Africa, and not least because our students receive bursaries of 80% of their fees: we provide our students with a good meal every day, we pay our staff well, and we have the usual running costs, registration costs, examination fees. The list goes on. It is through the generosity of people like you in the UK that we have educated over 300 students since 2002, and we grow every year.

Our vision

Our vision is that by 2022 we will have expanded our college from our current body of 90 students to 120 across the two years. We want to start new courses, and bring on new staff. We also expect to expand our commercial operations to include corporate training and extra workshop facilities, both of which should bring extra money into the college to allow us to expand organically and become less dependent on overseas donations.

Meet our team

Meet the people you’re helping

Hear from some of the graduates whose lives have been transformed by mechanics for Africa.