Bridget is one of several children being cared for by her maternal grandmother in the poorest township in Ndola – Chipulukusu, which means barren or structureless.

Her father died many years ago, and her mum was unable to cope so the grandmother took them all in, making a small living by selling charcoal at the street market. Bridget dreamed of going to college but for her family paying for education was out of the question.

Hope was renewed when the pastor of the village church said he could raise about £200 to help her so she applied to MfA in 2016 knowing that the college subsidises every place. On her entrance exam and interview, she showed exceptional promise and was offered a place unconditionally.

In early 2018, during her second year, Bridget approached MfA staff saying that she would have to drop out of college because the pastor had left and was no longer sending the money he promised for her education – she simply had no way to raise the balance needed for that term.

MfA was able to find a British sponsor who would cover the entire cost of her studies, and she able to remain at college. During July and August, Bridget did an industrial attachment at Superdoll Truck and Trailers in Ndola, and performed so well that she was congratulated by the Zambia Country Director of Superdoll and has already been offered a job when she completes her course in December.

For Bridget, the education she has received at MfA will change the life-course of her whole family. In addition to bringing money into the home to improve things day-to-day, once she starts her job she plans to help her younger siblings to access education so that they too can take control of their future.

Bridget has no plans to leave Chipulukusu – Barren Township – as it is her home, but this year the local council voted unanimously to rename it Mapalo – which means Blessed.


Bridget is now working for Alastair Trucking Group Zambia in Kapiri Mposhi, about 2 hours drive from Ndola. 
She sends monthly support to her family.  Her grandmother says she is helping her on a monthly basis. Her mother is working as a Maid and the whole family testified of being helped a lot by Bridget.