, Zambia Celebrates New President

Zambia Celebrates New President

Hakainde Hichilema wins the presidential polls in Zambia. The youth of Zambia are hopeful for a brighter and more favorable economy. We asked Tiusha Nyirenda and Frank Chileshe what they think about the new president and they shared their thoughts.

They both practiced their rights to vote and the driving force behind this was a hope for a more favorable economy which will help them thrive in society. They have dreams and aspirations like many other youth. Frank and Tiusha are aware that the new president in his manifesto plans to improve education through increasing its share of the national budget and developing education-industry linkages that foster innovation and entrepreneurship. After hearing the thoughts of our students, we can tell that their hopes lie in these promises but they will be patient and continue to work hard as they know that nothing comes on a silver spoon. Tiusha and Frank are hopeful for a better Zambia and they are amongst many youth who want to contribute to society.