, We are Family: MfA Friendships

We are Family: MfA Friendships

True friendship is one of the most priceless things there is. Mechanics for Africa is more than simply an institution we are a close-knit family that has grown and evolved through our strong friendships.Bakali Gondwe and Edmond Mbunda’s friendship, which we saw at MfA, is one of our favorites.

During their first week together, Bakali Gondwe discovered a classmate with his grandfather’s name. This interesting fact was the spark that started their friendship. They have grown to support one another in their varied interests and encourage one another to grow in their faith. They also never fail to correct one another, recognizing one another as more than simply friends but as brothers. This has developed into a great bond. They treasure their friendship, Bakali says “we make sure we put a small on one another’s faces.” They hope to continue to see their friendship grow even after their journey at MfA comes to an end.