student of the month, Student of The Month: Morgest Mutembu

Student of The Month: Morgest Mutembu

Do not withhold good from whom it is due “Proverbs 3:27”. We translate this scripture by taking time in every month to acknowledge a student’s improvements and or growth. All students are working hard and giving their best, developing in mind and character, this month the student that stood out to us is Morgest Mutembu. We acknowledge and celebrate the growth in his confidence and willfulness to step up and participate in campus activities such as the campus debate and quizzes.

When we asked him what he attested his growth to he gave the encouraging words of staff and friends that have pushed him to grow. He also shared that growing in faith has contributed to this, he said, “learning about Jesus has given me the boldness and confidence I need to stand and push through my studies”. He mentions desiring to support his friends being another key motivating factor. we look forward to seeing Morgest soar to great heights and encourage him to continue to step up and walk in confidence.