Vehicle Maintenance

At Mechanics for Africa we are very happy to service your vehicle for you, but if you are keen to learn how to do it yourself we are also happy to teach you. For less than the price of a comprehensive service at our workshop, we can teach you to service your own vehicle, which will give you skills and save you money.

We offer two courses in vehicle maintenance - Basic and Advanced.

Basic Maintenance

In this course we give you an overview of a typical vehicle, and tell you the basics of maintenance: the purpose of the oil, water, and filters. After a bit of classroom time for the theory, you will practice on a real vehicle and be shown, under supervision, how to check and change the oil, how to change the filters, how to check and fill the radiator, and how to change a wheel. The course takes a day.

Advanced Maintenance

This course is for those who have completed Basic Maintenance (prerequisite), and will go into more detail on the mechanics of a vehicle, and more advanced techniques for maintenance such as checking and replacing the brake pads, adjusting the hand brake, replacing wiper blades, replacing bulbs, checking brake fluid, and performing a general mechanical checkup. The course takes a further day.

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