, Knowledge that changes: Falecy Chilambe story

Knowledge that changes: Falecy Chilambe story

The beauty of a Skill is that it flourishes when applied and if you can apply a skill, you can master a skill, if you can master a skill, you can become a master of a skill. The knowledge we give to students is one we believe empowers them beyond working a common system and gives them ground to break off on their own. Here is a testimony given by first year student Falecy Chilambe.

On a Saturday morning, I walked to church with worry because I needed money, I shrugged the thought and continued moving. After service, as I walked home, a familiar face noticed me and called me. She had been having a struggle with her car and explained that it wouldn’t start, she knew I was a studying mechanic I whispered a prayer, and it reminded me of a request I had made at the start of the year, that the knowledge I would gain would assist me and that I would be able to apply it even before I graduated. I rapidly evaluated the vehicle and determined that the problem was with the starter motor, based on what I had learned in school. They agreed to give me an hour, so I drove to a nearby location, got the tools I required, fixed the starting motor, and brought it back. When I was finished, the car started to run. She expressed gratitude for the assistance and handed me something in appreciation for it.

The next day, I received another call saying the man whose car I had worked on referred me to him and he had a similar struggle with his car. I met the man and after consulting my lecturers as well, managed to get to the bottom of that issue.

This has been an amazing experience for me, and I’m confident it’s because I can apply the knowledge I’m learning in real life and am already reaping its rewards before I even reach my destination. I look forward to completing my education so that I may start working, gaining more experience, and opening my own workshop. I am really thankful of this experience.