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If you want the experience of a lifetime, come to Zambia.

Zambia is a fantastic combination of the safety and familiarity of the Western world, with what people sometimes call 'real Africa' - tribal people, rural village life, wilderness, heat. This combination has led Zambia to be described as Africa for Beginners.

The country is safe and the people are always welcoming and friendly. Almost everyone speaks English well, and Zambians love strangers.

If you want to visit Africa, then Zambia is a great starting point to learn something of African culture: and of course we have Victoria Falls, one of the Wonders of the Natural World a few hours' drive away.

We host teams every year at Mechanics for Africa, and so if you want to have a working holiday, we can help. We tailor each visit to the skills of the team, so we have something for everyone - from teaching English to our students, to working in a rural school or running a youth camp, we can help you make memories that will last forever.

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