'IT's Christmas' Alternative Gift Card

Christmas is approaching fast, and if you are stuck for a gift to buy for the person who has everything, buy an "IT's Christmas" alternative gift card which will make a real difference in Zambia. 

The modern world of mechanics is different than even 10 years ago. These days mechanics need to be able to wield a computer as easily as they do a spanner. To this end, we teach all our students basic and intermediate computing as part of their normal lessons at Mechanics for Africa. However as our student numbers double over the next three years, and as our IT suite grows old, we need your help to invest in the next generation of technicians.

We're already in progress building the new classroom block and computer room, so each IT's Christmas card that you buy contributes £10 towards the cost of providing the chairs, desks, computer hardware, and the software that we need to provide quality education to the next few generations of Zambian students. Here at Mechanics for Africa, the employment rate of our students is above 80%, a testament to the confidence employers have in the quality of our students' education. Your investment will continue helping them stand out from the crowd as technology progresses.

When you think that it's Christmas, think IT's Christmas! and give our students one gift which impacts many futures.