Motor Vehicle Engineering

We offer the London City & Guilds diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering. Over two years our students study a comprehensive set of modules which cover all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance across two main themes: engines, and chassis. Once students pass their exams, they become fully-qualified mechanics.

As well as classroom teaching, our students gain invaluable practical experience working in our teaching lab and eventually, as their experience grows, they will be given time in our professional workshop under the strict supervision of our own full-time mechanics. 


The City & Guilds diploma in Motor Vehicle Engineering is recognised world-wide. Once qualified, many of our students go on to get excellent jobs in international firms as retained mechanics. Through the course, students will learn about all aspects of vehicle repair.

The aim of our programme is to teach much more than the theory of vehicle repair: we believe in giving our students general Life Skills, so we teach computing, agriculture, nutrition, health, and many other topics alongside our mechanics lectures. We also teach the value of discipline and hard work across our curriculum.

And this dedication to the whole person shows: when we follow up our students after they are employed, the most common thing we hear is that Mechanics for Africa graduates are different from other mechanics because they are honest, hard-working, and disciplined.

That is why so many employers prefer Mechanics for Africa graduates.

Our teaching programme starts in January, and we start recruiting from July.

Places are limited. All applicants are invited to an assessment day, and will undertake a written test and an interview. Due to the nature of the examinations, applicants must be able to speak and write in English, and should ideally have passed grade 12 - although we will consider those who have passed grade 9. Our minimum age is 18 years.

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