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Words of Wisdom

As the final exam for our Second year students draws closer, we took the time[...]

MfA Christmas in November

Tis the season for us here at MfA! As we draw near to the end[...]

Student Presentations

Student presentation time. Our students came dressed to impress; laptops ready as they presented their[...]

Awards Week: Academic Award

We are taking time to celebrate each students award by their various categories. Today’s category[...]

Awards Week:Best Spanner Boy

It is our awards week! How great it is for us to take time as[...]

Awards Day:Service Awards

It is our awards week! How great it is for us to take time as[...]

Student of the Month

Do not withhold good from whom it is due “Proverbs 3:27”. We translate this scripture[...]

Certificate Collection

We are overjoyed to have our recent graduates arrive and get their certificates. It always[...]

Welding practice

In order to expand the capacity of our students, we introduced a new course named[...]

Independence Day Celebrations

One Zambia one nation, a land of unity. Hearts joined together to achieve a common[...]

MFA Aptitude Test

It is a beautiful blissful morning. After a great period of recruitment, we are so[...]

Student Spotlight: Ronald Pensulu

Our student Spotlight is the time in which we focus on a specific student to[...]

Alumni visit: A legacy of Integrity and discipline

It always brings us tremendous joy when we receive unexpected visits from MfA graduates going[...]

Life After College: Mock Job Interview

Life after college is often a thought that plagues the minds of many students. Juggling[...]

Learning With Daisy

In order to provide our students with a brief history of cars and to expose[...]

Student of the Month: September

Hard work, Excellence and Integrity are some of the core values upheld here at mechanics[...]

Bicycle Donations

It is our goal at mechanics for Africa to make our students’ journeys easier. For[...]


Statistics indicate that adolescents and young people account for 50% of the recorded new annual[...]

Happy New Month

We are heading towards the end of the year, and we are grateful for the[...]

Students using their skills

While we are on break, a few students are giving their talents, abilities, and time[...]